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Epic Labels in History: Schwarzkopf’s Ground Breaking Hair Care Labels

Posted on 9/19/16

Schwarzkopf Vintage ProductsIf you walk into any drugstore or salon, you’ll see shelves full of colorful hair care products, with a staggering variety of health and beauty labels competing for your attention. But this wasn’t always the case; modern hair care products are a relatively recent invention. And if it wasn’t for a man named Hans Schwarzkopf, we might not have the hair care industry that exists today. Let’s look at what makes Schwarzkopf an Epic Label in History!

Around the turn of the 20th century, caring for women’s hair was an arduous process, requiring expensive oils and harsh soaps. Hans Schwarzkopf, a German chemist, wanted to create a better solution, so he developed a water-soluble powder shampoo, which he first released on the market in 1903. This affordable product became an instant success throughout Europe, and it quickly went on to gain international popularity.

Schwarzkopf TaftSchwarzkopf realized the power of strong branding, using a black silhouette of his head on his hair care product labels, which gave them an easily recognizable symbol of quality. Schwarzkopf died in 1921, but as the 20th century progressed, his company continued to innovate, releasing the first liquid shampoo in 1927, the first home hair color product in 1947, and the first hairspray in 1951. While these products featured a variety of attractive label designs, they all included the iconic Schwarzkopf silhouette, demonstrating the power of consistency when building a brand.

Schwarzkopf ProductsSince 1995, Schwarzkopf has been owned by the multinational company Henkel, and Schwarzkopf’s silhouette can be seen on a number of popular hair care labels, including OSiS+, BC Bonacure, göt2b, and Claudia Schiffer’s Ultîme. By building on the recognizability that this image has as a signifier of quality, these hair product labels are an ongoing reminder of Schwarzkopf’s status as an Epic Label in History!

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