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Butter, Oil, Wax – How Beardsgaard Barbers Tell Their Product Story through Their Labels

Posted on 9/18/17

Over the past few months, we’ve taken the time to highlight some of the wonderful clients we’ve had the pleasure of serving by telling their “label story”. Each of our customers is unique and we work with them to get the right custom label printed for each of their projects. This time around, we get to talk about Beardsgaard Barbers and their River Peak Apothecary health and beauty labels.

The River Peak Apothecary started out as a bootstrapped company within a barber shop. From that simple start they have grown to offering oils, balms, butters, waxes and more. Their label story begins like many of our other clients. They were working with a “quick online” place and not particularly happy with the quality or the service.

As they grew and needed to change their packaging and find a custom label printer who could meet their growth demands, it was then that they were referred to work with Your Labels Now by their box company. If you spend any time on the website for the River Peak Apothecary, you’ll see right away that their health and beauty products are all unique blends with unique stories. Each container tells a different story about the product that is inside.

As we work with our clients to determine what the best custom label solution is going to be, we ask lots of questions to find out more about the people and product those custom printed labels are going to represent.

For River Peak Apothecary and Beardsgaard Barbers, it was very important that the custom labels match the stories that their products were designed to tell. In this specific case, they did not want to use a glossy finish for their label, because of the aging and fantastical nature of the design. On the other hand, their products are health and beauty products that get used in bathrooms and needed a label that could stand up to oils, waxes, and moisture.

After some work together, the matte finish and oil resistance of the labels our team helped create for River Peak Apothecary was just the solution they were looking for.

“I can’t tell you how excited we were to find YLN. We looked everywhere for the exact finishes that we knew we needed for the look and feel we were trying to achieve with our products, and we were thrilled to find what we needed through YLN. We also love that the pricing gets more competitive as we grow and order up.” - Natalie Anderson, Beards Gaard, LLC.

Are you ready for an adventure in beard oils and barbering? Check out Beardsgaard Barbers in Batavia or visit their online shoppe, the River Peak Apothecary, for a compelling story in each product. Are you looking for a custom label company that will help you with the little details you need for someone to get right? Shoot us a note and request a free sample today!