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Label Stories: Building a Fast-Growing Business With The Plant Guru

Posted on 4/19/16

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What does it take to build a business from scratch? Is it really possible to start your own business and become successful in a short period of time? At Your Labels Now, one of the most exciting things that we get to do is work with small businesses, watching them grow and develop. In our series of Label Stories blogs, we’re proud to be able to share their stories with you. Today, we’re happy to share an inspiring success story from Axel Roman of The Plant Guru.

Axel’s story began with a small cosmetics business operated out of his home, in which he bottled and sold his own essential oils products. He experienced rapid growth, expanding his production and adding more products in a short period of time. “The process of expansion was overwhelming,” he says, “and since this was my first time owning my own business, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

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Creating quality custom product labels was one of Axel’s first priorities, and a colleague of his recommended that he check out Your Labels Now. After visiting the YLN website, he placed an order and then contacted us about creating artwork for the labels. He worked hand in hand with our design team to create their first labels, and The Plant Guru used this label design for two years before deciding to refresh their design. At this point, Axel again worked with YLN’s design team to create new label designs for his entire product line, which by this time had grown to about 300 different variations.

If there was one decision that really sent Axel’s sales soaring, it was to begin offering his products for sale on Amazon. “Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace,” says Axel, “and there’s no better place to be able to sell.” When he began using this marketplace to reach people all over the world, that was when business really took off. By focusing on obtaining positive customer reviews and building word of mouth, he was able to demonstrate the value of his products to his customers and take things to the next level. “Amazon really gives you the exposure, tools, and resources to grow a business,” Axel says. “Building a brand is a lot of work, but persistence pays off in the end.”

The advice that Axel offers to entrepreneurs looking to start their own business is to plan for a long process rather than trying to get rich quick. “When we were starting out, nobody knew who we were or wanted to deal with us. Since we had no history of purchases with major distributors, we had to pay higher prices and follow specific rules, but we did so, since it was important to get our name out there. Once companies realized that it was worth the time to work with us, they opened their arms. We were only able to make a small profit at first, but we kept going and kept trying, no matter how high prices were and how hard it was to make things work.”

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Through this hard work, The Plant Guru has been able to build their business from an in-home operation to a company that employs 26 people and utilizes a 6,000 square foot warehouse. Axel emphasizes the importance of finding good partners, including the distillers who produce his essential oils products, the company who produces the bottles he uses for his products, and a provider of quality product labels. He says, “When working with a company like Your Labels Now who can help their partners navigate the process of creating quality labels and deliver every single time, it makes the process much easier.”

We hope Axel’s story has inspired you, and if you want to continue to learn more about how our partners have found success creating custom product labels, please continue to join us each month as we explore more label stories. If you’re interested in working with us to create labels for your products, you can get started by ordering a free sample. We look forward to helping you create your own successful label story!