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Label Stories: Building a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle With Primal Woods

Posted on 5/01/17

Primal Woods LogoAt, we love working with companies of all sizes and helping them meet their custom label needs. Here on the YLN blog, we’ve been sharing some of our clients’ stories, demonstrating how we’ve helped them create their ideal custom product labels. In this installment of our series of Label Stories, we spoke to John Newell of Primal Woods. As you’ll read in their story below, the owners of Primal Woods sought out a quality label, because they knew it would be an essential part of their plan for successfully launching a line of products.

John and his wife Geri began a new phase of their life when they purchased a homestead in southwest Michigan that was located on 70 acres of beech and sugar maple forest. “We started out by tapping our maple trees to make syrup, and we also began beekeeping, with plans to eventually sell honey,” John said. “Our plan was to build a self-sufficient lifestyle, rely on local resources, and create a business that served our community.”

As the Newells continued work on their homestead, they realized more possibilities for living off the land. “We wanted to put hardwood floors into our house, and since we were living in a forest, I began looking into what it would take to mill our own logs,” said John. “At first, we were just going to use the wood for our own floors, but we soon realized that we had a business opportunity in which we could begin milling and selling both the service and the lumber.”

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when they found a use for the scrap wood from their sawmill. “We took a soapmaking class at Tillers International, an organization that teaches sustainable agriculture, and we decided to add this to our product line,” John said. “We’re able to burn the scrap wood from our sawmill as fuel for a boiler that heats our house and an evaporator for our maple syrup, and the ash that results is used to make soap. It all works together perfectly!”

Primal Woods Maple SyrupWhen the Newells were ready to begin selling their products, their handmade maple syrup was the first to go to market, and they began looking to design their product labels. “We had been working with a graphic designer to create a logo and label, but while we loved the logo, we weren’t completely happy with the label design,” John said. “Geri found, which was in her home town of Des Plaines, Illinois, and we provided them with one of our bottles and all the digital work that had been done up to that point.” worked with John and Geri to address any concerns they had with their label design and create the ideal labels for their products. “We wanted a craft paper look to our labels, and YLN was able to provide that,” said John. “We also wanted to make sure that people would be able to wipe off the bottles without damaging the label (which is a necessity when you’re dealing with maple syrup), so YLN used a water resistant lamination. Finally, our original design had some misaligned lettering, and we wanted the words ‘maple syrup’ to have a vintage feel, and YLN’s designers accomplished that perfectly.”

The Newells were very happy with the process and the results. “We were able to get the label design finished in about three weeks, after lots of back and forth communication and looking at digital mockups,” John said. “Once the design was finished, we had the labels in hand about a week later. We love the way they look, especially when paired with our laser-etched maple wood hang tags. Whenever we ship a box of syrup, we place one of the labels on the box too, since they are such a good representation of our company.”

John and Geri were very happy to find a partner that they could rely on. “When you’re starting a business, you have to make some serious choices about where to spend money and where to try to realize savings,” he said. “We decided that we needed to invest in our customer facing materials, specifically in our website and our product labels. This would allow us to put the best face on our business, and I think we’ve achieved that on both counts. It was new for us to be able to voice our ideas and have somebody who could interpret them and provide us with a product that spoke to us. Our labels are a great representation of our company, and we get lots of compliments on them!”

If you’re looking to create custom product labels to put a face on your company, we’d love to work with you! You can get started by ordering a free sample. We look forward to helping you create great custom labels for your products!