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Label Stories: Crafting a Quality Label With Alex & Iva Candles

Posted on 9/29/16

Alex and IvaIn today’s marketplace, companies both large and small have a multitude of opportunities to connect with their customers and demonstrate the quality of their products. No matter how big your company is, you can create great custom labels to give your products a professional appearance. In this installment of our series of Label Stories, we spoke with Valerie Barnes of Alex & Iva Candles, who was able to do just that.

Alex and Iva CandleValerie started her company after discovering a love of candlemaking, and she turned that passion into a business that she operates out of her home. She began looking for a supplier to create labels for her candles and found in an online search. “I knew in my head what I wanted my labels to look like, but after talking with a few label companies, I was having trouble getting what I wanted,” she said. “After finding, I started talking with them, and they were able to create exactly what I was looking for.

“My favorite color is yellow, and I had selected yellow, black, and red as my company colors. We started from there, and I let them know what kind of design I was thinking of. I wanted something traditional that looked like damask fabric on a yellow background, and it was like they read my mind! They sent me a graphic of the label design, and it was exactly what I wanted.”

Valerie also had a specific material in mind for her labels. “I didn’t want glossy, shiny labels, so Devin suggested using Estate #8 as the material for my labels. He sent me a sample of this type of label, and it was perfect. I’m really happy with the way my labels look, and even to this day, people tell me all the time how beautiful my labels are.”

Alex and Iva Birthday CandleValerie operates her business out of her home in Celina, Texas, and in addition to selling candles through her website, they are also available in several stores and hair salons in Texas and neighboring states. She also sells candles at some festivals in her area and provides custom orders for events like weddings and bridal showers.

As Valerie’s business continues to grow, she has found a lot of value from working with “Their people are always very helpful, and they do great work. They always get back to me quickly, and they help me get the most for my money. Right now, we’re working on creating a warning label to go on the bottom of my candles, and by ordering a larger quantity of these labels up front, I’m able to save money in the long run. I’m really happy with the work they do.”

We hope that Valerie’s story has inspired you to create your own custom product labels. If you want to know more about how we can help you create the best labels for your products, you can get started by ordering a free sample. We look forward to helping you become our next great label story!