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Label Stories: Creating Wine Labels With Blue River Valley Winery

Posted on 1/31/17

Blue River Valley Winery LogoAt, we love working with small businesses and seeing them grow. Being able to provide our expertise to people when they are starting out and then seeing how our great custom product labels help them expand their business is a real treat. In this installment of our series of Label Stories, we spoke with William Dean of Blue River Valley Winery in Caddo, Oklahoma, who has turned a winemaking hobby into a successful winery business.

After years of people encouraging him to turn his home wine crafting hobby into a commercial enterprise, William decided that his retirement provided him with the opportunity to do so. But what was initially intended to be a “Mom and Pop” operation run in conjunction with his wife (who is also getting ready to retire) quickly took off, and his winery is now a fast-growing business with several additional employees.

When looking for a vendor to create the labels for their wine bottles, William was referred to by another nearby company. After calling and talking to us, he found that our combination of personal service, reasonable prices, and fast production were exactly what he was looking for.

Blue River Valley Winery Tickle Me Peach WineWilliam is especially pleased with the quality of his labels. “We have 13 varieties of wine, and each one has its own version of our label that includes the name and a unique background color,” he said. “When we wanted to create our labels, we sent in the artwork that we had created and the information that needs to appear on the labels, and YLN was able to create a great label design that incorporates everything we need. We use paper labels with a glossy finish, and we love the way they look on our wine bottles!” has also helped ensure that William’s wine bottle labels meet legal requirements. “The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) requires that we include a government warning, the percentage of alcohol content, and other information about the wine,” said William. “YLN is able to take that information and arrange it so that it all fits together, and if we ever need to make changes to satisfy the TTB, they’ve been really good at making sure everything is correct while still getting the labels printed on time.”

William has remained impressed with the service he receives from “I love working with Devin, who is always very kind and has a great attitude,” he said. “The process of creating labels is fast and easy. After we make an order, we usually receive the artwork within a day or two, and after we approve or make corrections, production takes about a week. YLN is always very competitive with their prices, and we take advantage of their regular specials. There’s never any doubt about the quality of the work; our labels always look great!”

Whether you need to create your own custom wine labels or any other type of custom labels, we hope that William’s story has inspired you. If you want to know more about how we can help you design great labels for your products, you can get started by ordering a free sample. We hope you’ll be our next successful label story!