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Label Stories: Forming a Strong Partnership With Bill’s Grill BBQ

Posted on 2/16/17

Bill's Grill LogoAt, it’s always exciting to work with our clients and help them create great custom labels that will make their products stand out. In this installment of our series of Label Stories, we spoke with Bill Hazel of Bill’s Grill BBQ. Bill operates a mobile barbecue food truck company in East Chicago, Indiana, and he has found success through a unique barbecue technique, as well as by making his own barbecue sauce.

Bill’s wife was the person who found when researching label vendors, and she was referred to us by another local vendor. “We were looking to create labels for our line of barbecue sauce, with the goal of being able to sell our sauce in Whole Foods,” said Bill. “In order to be sold there, we needed to use a particular label material. When we found out that YLN would be able to meet those requirements, we knew they were the choice for us.”

For Bill’s initial label order, he used a pre-made label design created by his own graphic designer, but for subsequent orders, he worked with YLN’s design team to create a new label design. “I was looking to beef up the design a bit, and YLN’s graphic designer made a few mockups,” he said. “We really liked the design, and we had them modify it from a clear label to a label with a white background. This gave us a really vibrant logo that made all the colors pop, and we were really happy with the results.”

Bill's Grill BBQ Sauce SpicyBill especially appreciates the experience and expertise that brings to the labels we create. “I know that when my customers come to me, they trust me to do my job well, and it’s the same with YLN,” he said. “They work with labels all day, every day, and they know what looks best on product labels. It meant a lot to get their honest opinion about my labels, and they were able to explain what did and didn’t work and why.” was also able to help meet tight deadlines. “I was under a time crunch, since I ran out of time getting the label design from my graphic designer and sending it to YLN,” said Bill. “I needed the labels right away, and they were very accommodating in working with me on the price and making sure that I would have the package in my hands when I needed it. They went above and beyond and did everything in their power to make sure I didn’t miss my deadline.”

Bill was also really happy with the care that took when working with him. “I was worried that I was taking up too much of their time with my emails and questions, but every time I called, they were very accommodating,” he said. “Even if I wasn’t able to explain what I wanted, they asked the right questions to get the right answers from me. In fact, sometimes they even asked questions that I didn’t know the answer to, but they were the kind of thought provoking questions that I hadn’t previously considered that could lead to light bulb moments and enhance my understanding of my business. It’s great to have a partner who brings out the best in you.”

We hope Bill’s story has inspired you in your own business efforts. If you’re looking to create a custom product label that will meet your requirements, we’d love to work with you! You can start the process by ordering a free sample today. We look forward to helping you find success with your labels!