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Label Stories: Providing Consistent Quality With Happy Bodies

Posted on 4/04/17

Happy Bodies LogoAt, we’re lucky to be able to work with a wide variety of companies, both large and small, across many different industries. Each of our clients brings new challenges, and we love to share their stories here on our blog. In this installment of our series of Label Stories, we spoke with Joyce Biese of Happy Bodies, a maker and seller of evidence-based, professional-grade nutritional supplements.

Happy Bodies Detox CocktailWith a mission to provide people with products and information that safely support and enhance the body’s natural detoxification processes, Happy Bodies produces a variety of dietary supplements, including their signature product, the Detox Cocktail. When the company was looking to create new labels for their line of products, they came to YLN.

“We had designed the labels ourselves, but helped us tweak them to ensure all the information included was readable and well organized,” said Joyce. “The quality of the resulting labels was so good that we’ve continued to use YLN for all of our product labels ever since then.”

Happy Bodies Detox BoostHappy Bodies was pleased with how we were able to use our expertise in creating quality product labels to meet any of their needs. “The industry standard for nutritional supplements requires labels to use nonremovable adhesive, and YLN made sure our labels met those requirements,” Joyce said. “We also have one project that needs to be refrigerated, and YLN ensured that we were using the right label materials and laminate to stand up to colder temperatures.”

According to Joyce, the best thing about working with is the consistent quality of the labels we create. “The labels we’ve ordered from YLN have always been of very high quality, and their work has been so consistent and reliable that we’ve stuck with them ever since. They tell us what they’re going to do, and they always meet those expectations for consistency and quality. It’s wonderful to have a supplier that we can always rely on!”

If you’re looking to create your own custom product labels, we’ll be happy to bring this same level of reliability to your project and ensure that you have the labels you need on time and at the right price. You can get started by ordering a free sample. We look forward to helping you create great custom labels for your products!