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Custom Food Carton Labels

Food Carton with Oval Shaped Carton label
  • Customize your product cartons
  • Great for product branding, instructions, conditions, and tamper resistance
  • Various shapes and sizes to fit any size carton
  • High quality labels


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Food carton labels are the first statements made about your product. You can hire someone to "get the word out," or you can visit and create a from-scratch label custom designed for your product. While some don't take food labeling seriously, others stand out as leading food providers.

The Importance of Package Labeling

Package labeling is important for marketing purposes. Graphics and short statements give the answers customers need, such as what benefits your product gives them.  Need more than just a logo?  Our carton labels can be used to display ingredients and guarantees right on the box. Packaging is also important for helping consumers to identify the particular types of products which they desire.

Product Carton Label Design for the Right Exposure

Getting the right exposure is perhaps more important than getting exposure itself. Address the problem of lackluster packaging not fully representing the true quality of your foods.  Use your own unique design to catch the attention of your customers.  When product carton label design is taken seriously, those labeling their packages enjoy tasteful exposure. Well developed package labels can also tell the story of your company and why you are committed to providing the best for your customers.

Customize Your Carton Labels

Our custom-designed carton label is available for boxes, shrink wrap, and plastic. Utilize the option to shape your labels, so that the wording and graphics of your product are properly highlighted. We build wrap-around labels for bottles and labels of different shapes for a variety of packaging options.

Contact us at 877-299-7744 or fill out an online form for information on the most appropriate and effective labels for your product.


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