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Personalized Hand Sanitizer Labels

Bottles of Hand Sanitizer with Personalized Hand Sanitizer labels
  • Perfect shape and size for hand sanitizer packaging
  • Great for promotional items, trade shows, and events
  • High quality labels
  • Fast turn-around


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Hand sanitizer typically comes in plastic bottles that need separate paper or foil labels.  These hand sanitizer labels are extensive, usually containing instructions, ingredient lists, and safety warnings to inform consumers. However, hand sanitizer labels can also promote the product by listing its most important features.

Use Labels That Are Durable

We use digital printing technology to produce high-quality labels for hand sanitizer bottles. People often carry this product around or bring it outdoors, so we use very durable materials and inks. Our custom hand sanitizer labels remain intact when they get wet or the bottle leaks on them and are also durable to avoid ripping.

Find the Right Size to Fit

Hand sanitizer bottles come in many different sizes, styles, and colors and so do our hand sanitizer labels. The options include ovals, circles, hearts, rectangles, and other custom shapes.

Our custom labeling is useful for manufacturers and retailers that sell items under store brands, as well as for businesses who distribute hand sanitizer as a promotional product. Proper labeling boosts customer satisfaction and prevents lawsuits. Employees may apply each label manually or use a machine to automate the process.

We offer affordable prices and fast service. Our top-notch labels come in any quantity you desire. Unlike many printing firms, we have experience producing sanitizer labels.  For a free quote on labels for your hand sanitizer, please call at 877-299-7744.


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