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How to choose the label that is right for you!

  • Is this your first time ordering labels for your product?
  • Do you know what type of label you want but do not know all of the technicalities of the label?
  • Do you just need some help on choosing a certain material or coating?

If so please read the following step by step guide to help you decide which size, materials, coating and applications are right for you.

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STEP 1: Selecting SHAPE and SIZE

We have several shapes and sizes to fit all of your label requirements.

We have in stock:
Circles: Sizes range in diameter anywhere from 0.625” to 9.25”
Rectangles: Sizes range anywhere from 0.25”x 1.75” to 10” x 15”
Ovals: Sizes range anywhere from 1”x1.5” to 4” x 8”
Hearts: Sizes range anywhere from 2.438” x 2.388” to 5”x 6”
Variety of Special Shapes: To view special shapes and sizes please click here

If we do not have the shape you want please call 877-299-7744 and we can customize your order to any shape and size you would like.

STEP 2: Selecting a MATERIAL

All substrates are for pressure sensitive labels or labels that have an adhesive on them.

What do you need?

The most economic and cost efficient material? Then you would want to choose our paper material. This is best used for indoor use or for products that need to be waterproofed but only with lamination.

Something that will hold up to water or condensation? Then you should choose one of our 2 choices of Bopp which is a polypropylene material. These are extremely water resistant and weather resistant. They come in clear for a “no label look” or in white.

A metallic finish? Metallic Bopp can be printed on to create a metallic finish or lettering.

Something with a rough texture or something perfect for wine labels? Then choose our Estate stock. This is a paper stock that has a rough texture. This has a very high end look for wine or beer labels, or can be used for cosmetic bottles that do not need to be water proofed.

STEP 3: Selecting a Laminate

Each label order must have some sort of varnish or coating on it.

What do you need?

The most economic and cost efficient coating? Then you should choose a Gloss UV varnish. This will protect the ink from scratches or rubbing off and will prevent fading due to sunlight. This will have a gloss varnish, but also comes in a matte version as well.

A coating that will protect the ink from water and refrigeration? Either of our Laminations are perfect for a more durable need. They will both provide the same protection, but have different finishes, either Glossy or Matte.

STEP 4: How many total labels will you need?

This is the total amt that you would like to purchase; this is a total of all versions or designs.

How many designs or versions? If you have the same shape and sized label on the same material but with different designs we can run them all in the same production run.

So for example you have 5 products all 3” circle labels on paper material, but you have 5 different color versions and need 500 of each. Your total labels would be 2500, and your number of versions would be 5.

STEP 5: How will labels be applied to your product?

Hand Applied: Then you will be affixing the labels to your product on your own.

Machine Applied: You will be using a machine to auto apply the labels. You will need to choose your copy position in the drop down chart.

STEP 6: What type of proof would you like?

PDF Proof: A PDF is free of charge and has a turnaround time of less than 24 hours.

Digital Press Proof: Is an additional $50, but will provide you with an exact proof of how each of your labels will look. This ships after 24 hours.