Laminate Quote Help


All jobs printed digitally will require an overall coating to protect the ink from abrasion.

UV Gloss or Matte Varnish:

These are best used for labels that will be used indoors or outdoors without needing to be waterproof. This type of coating can be either matte or high gloss and provides excellent UV resistance, so it is perfect for labels with sun exposure or just rubbing or scratching of the label.

High Gloss or Matte Lamination:

This plastic lamination is used on everyday products. You may choose gloss or matte based on how you would like your label to look. Both protect the ink on the label from rubbing off or being scratched off. This provides a waterproof layer over the top of your material.

Imprintable Finishes:

Imprintable Gloss UV Varnish: Is a varnish that provides the same protection as the above UV varnishes but this is used in an application where you will either be printing on the labels with a thermal transfer printer or writing on the labels with a pen or marker.

Polyester Lamination: 

Provides the same protection as the above laminates, but this is imprintable with a thermal transfer printer.