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Artwork Specifications

Digital Printing Specifications

Printing digitally gives us the ability to go to press very quickly if the electronic files are set up properly.

Our digital specialists are available for consultation to help you setup your files correctly the first time and prevent any delays.

Digital Press Proofs

All new jobs will receive a PDF proof via email. If you would like a digital pre production proof there will be a $50 extra charge (per version) and a proof will be mailed to you.

Application Requirements

We prefer vector art (Illustrator from CS up to CS5) with all imported graphics and fonts. Any other files in other programs (Adobe Freehand, Adobe InDesign CS2 through CS6, Quark Xpress 6.5, 7.0, Adobe Photoshop) will need conversion to be compatible with our system. In addition, we require a soft proof PDF for viewing.

Layout Requirements

roll_singleAll fonts must be included in the file. To prevent conflicts, it is recommended to outline all fonts.

Document setup should be set to final trim size.

Type and images must not print closer than 1/16” to the dieline unless it is bleeding beyond the edge of the label.

If there are bleeds, they must be 1/16” past the dieline. (click on label example to left)

Minimum type size: We determine this on a “per job basis”. We will suggest adjustments needed in order for the text to be legible.

Any imported images need to be embedded in the document.

Image / Color Requirements

colors_smAll embedded images (EPS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD) must be high resolution. We recommend 300dpi. Anything less may result in poor quality. If JPEG compression is used, please set it to maximum quality.

All images must be assigned CMYK not RGB. (Note: Digital cameras save images as RGB. These images will need to be converted to CMYK before embedding.) 

Pantone colors will automatically convert to CMYK. There will be a shift in color. 

Metallic colors like pantone 877 silver and pantone 871 gold will not have a metallic luster like traditional metallic ink.

We recommend taking advantage of our digital press proof for an accurate representation of color and content.

For any other questions or comments, please contact our digital specialists at 877-299-7744.

Sample Artwork & Labels

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