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Label Material Types

Depending on the type of environment and intended use, choosing a label material is a very important step in determining not only how your labels look and feel, but also how they will hold up in different types of weather and even household conditions. With certain label materials better for outdoor use and others more suited for products that need to be refrigerated, use the quick chart and descriptions below to find the perfect label material for you.

Label Material



This is the most generic and popular substrate that we offer. This is best used for indoor use, and when label will not be subject to any harsher conditions. This is the least costly material we offer, and is used for common label applications that do not require any special needs.

Label Materials
Waterproof Laminate Materials Labels

Removable Semi Gloss Paper:

This is the same as our above semi gloss paper but has a removable adhesive. So this is good in applications where the label will be removed from the product or where the label will be repositioned.

White BOPP:

This is white polypropylene, and is similar to a plastic material. It is a very white and opaque material, and is more resistant to harsher conditions such as water or refrigeration. This can be used for all indoor and outdoor uses.

Varnish Laminate Labels
Clear Laminated Label

Clear BOPP:

This is a clear polypropylene, and is similar to a plastic material as well, it is suitable for all indoor uses and outdoor uses, and is very resistant to harsher conditions such as moisture or refrigeration. This is great for health and beauty products to provide that “no label look” so the printing looks like it is printed right on the bottle

Silver Foil:

This is a silver paper is suitable for indoor uses, and can be used when trying to achieve a metallic affect. By applying colored inks to the bright silver surface of this paper, we can create different metallic colors. This can also be used to simulate gold foil. We also have a brushed silver foil to give the substrate a rough texture.

Silver Foil Label Material
Estate Stock Label Material

Estate #8:

This is a substrate that is very popular among wine manufacturers. This is a rough textured paper, and has a very distinguished look on every product it is applied to. This material must be coated to prevent the ink from rubbing off. To achieve a matte, textured look, use the Matte UV varnish with this material.