Custom Diamond Labels

Sweet Bee's Honey with Custom Jar Label
  • Great for customization of any product
  • High quality, durable labels
  • Fast turn-around
  • Various shapes and sizes available


View Special Shapes

If a diamond shaped label is what you want on your product, then we have what you are looking for! Our diamond labels can be produced in a variety of different sizes to get the exact look your product needs.  We specialize in creating custom diamond shape labels for a wide variety of different applications and products. Personalized diamond labels are custom designed with your own special touch to create exactly what you want your label to look like and what you want your label to say.

Make It Personal With Custom Materials

In addition to size and personalization, offers several materials that your label can be customized with to fit many different scenarios. Looking for waterproofing?  Need an extra shine with a glossy finish? Want a clear label that conforms to your product? We have all of these options and more to make your diamond label customized to your needs.  Our rounded corner labels offer a touch of class to any project.

If you are looking for labels that offer quality in appearance and long-term durability, labels from are exactly what you need.  To find out more about our quality labels and how we can help with your specific application, call us for a free quote at 877-299-7744 or fill out a form online.  We look forward to helping you design a custom label that you’ll love!


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