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Are you a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, or business owner who needs barcode labels for products? Here at, we have the perfect barcode labels you’re looking for to place on any products. Our customizable labels allow you to embed specialized information into the barcode without the worry of streaking or fading that can hamper the transfer of information with the barcode scanner.

Versatile For Anything You Need

Choose from a wide range of high quality labels with clear, intense graphics and readable barcodes. Our labels also work great with QR code advertising for your products. We have round, oval, and square shaped labels in both laminate and un-laminate surfaces, as we use materials that ensure the labels are waterproof and can withstand refrigeration. Uses for our barcode labels suppliers, manufacturers, and businesses may be interested in include:

  • Perishable food products
  • Nonperishable food products
  • Beauty products
  • Cleaning products
  • Home products
  • Office products
  • Special event products
  • Much more!

Purchase direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels that can carry the name of the product, ingredients, instructions to use the product, warnings, and shipping information along with the barcode. Whether you need large labels or small labels based on the size of the product, we carry what you need here at

Use As Guest Passes

In addition, barcode labels can also be used as temporary guest passes for clients visiting your business. Just print out the label, place it on a disposable card, and give it to your guest as an access pass into your office building. The many benefits and uses for barcode labels are truly limitless.

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