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Custom Waterproof Labels

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  • Designed to stand up to the elements
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Waterproof Labels

Creating a beautifully designed custom label is important, but making sure that it's tough, durable, and waterproof is also key if you want your products to look professional and polished no matter the conditions. Our custom waterproof labels are high-quality and won't budge, bleed, or peel, even when refrigerated or immersed in ice. Our waterproof labels are exactly what you need for putting a personal touch on bottles of chilled wine and ice cold custom beverages.

Style That Stays Put

Every aspect of our printing process ensures that your waterproof custom labels will stay strong and look great, no matter what the conditions. We use color-fixed, digital ink to print your logos and images. This ink is designed to resist bleeding and fading, even during inclement shipping conditions or refrigerated storage. We print on high quality, durable materials designed to repel moisture, and our adhesives are made of permanent acrylic to make sure your label stays where you put it for a polished, long-lasting look.

If your labels need protection from the elements, don't leave it up to chance. Our experienced team offers the best service and the highest quality labels on the market today. We want to ensure that your labels are as high quality as your product.

Our custom waterproof labels are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Contact us at 877-299-7744 or fill out our online form so we can get started on your ideal waterproof label today!


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