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Spice Up Your Life With Customized Jar Labels

Posted on 11/26/13

Fall is the harvest season when home cooks prepare for the upcoming winter season. It is the perfect time to store foods harvested from the gardens. Cleaning and sorting your pantry and food stuffs to make space for the new items is part of this process. In doing so, you most likely will come across a mismatch of spices, rubs, and blends that are taking up space while getting lost in the fray due to odd packaging. Rather than losing spices or spending excessive time hunting for them while cooking, prepare your spice rack with custom jar labels.

Custom Spiced Jar Labels

Start With the Jar

Choosing the perfect jars for your spice collection is the first step. Ideally you would have uniformity in your spice rack by choosing the same size and shape of jars for all spices. Options for types of jars include glass or plastic. While glass jars can be more expensive when purchased new, these provide a clearer visual of what they contain, in addition to looking more attractive when on your counter tops or in cabinets. A way to save money while going with glass is to repurpose old jars. Empty baby food jars are perfect in size, shape, and lid. Ask friends and family who have small children to save their used baby food jars for you, unless you have a young child of your own.

Custom Labels for Jars

Once your jars are filled with spices, rubs, and personalized spice blends, you can put a custom jar label on them. As with the jars, you want to have labels that are uniform in size and font style. Otherwise, having a color system for your spices, such as red for those with heat or yellow for meat rubs, can make sorting your spices easier for when it comes time to use them.

The most important thing to include on the labels is the name of the spices, and this should be large enough that you can read it from three feet away for cabinet storing. Also, include the date of when you purchased the spice along with any expiration dates as a way to keep your spices from losing potency. You can also make up your own spice blends, such as creole seasoning or garam masala, which can save you money and time. Using your personalized jar labels allows you to design a spice rack that will be both useful as well as appealing to the eye.


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