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Tips & Benefits of Using Clear Labels

custom clear bottle label example

When selling a product in a clear bottle or container, it’s very important to make your design stand out. One way to make your design unique is by picking a unique label material. Use clear labels to accent your product. Many different products can take advantage of clear labels: body wash, beverages, food products, and beer bottles. Here are some tips and benefits of using clear labels for your products:

Consumers Want To See What’s Inside

Clear labels give your consumers a window into what you are selling. The literal transparency they offer can be attractive to potential buyers because they can see what’s inside the bottle. Some people want to know the color of the product because this could distinguish certain characteristics about what’s inside - for instance, with jams and jellies, the color can represent the intensity of its flavor.

A Smart Design

Because clear bottle labels may make your product more visible, it’s important to calculate this into your label design ideas. Take into consideration the color of your product and match your design color scheme to it. Let’s look at this example from Landshark Lager®:

clear bottle label example from landshark beer

Landshark® expertly uses the beer inside the bottle as part of the design and still keeps the text clearly visible. This is an excellent example of using the natural color of your product as part of the design because the shark’s fin seems to pop out from the beer. Make sure to use contrasting colors in your clear label design so that consumers are able to read your label. For more clear label design inspiration, check out this visual article to spark inspiration.

Making the Most of Minimalism

With clear labels comes the opportunity of using minimalistic designs. This has become a trend across many genres of products, and with great success. Minimalistic designs are easy to read and understand, and they also tend to look cleaner in style. Using a design of this style also lets the product inside do most of the talking

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