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Material Options: Which Label Material is Best for Your Product

label material options

Out of all the decisions you make about product packaging, choosing the right material for your label might be one of the most important. Picking a label type that matches the design direction of your label while being functional for what the product is can be a tough balance, but with the help of our label experts you can be confident in choosing the best material available. Here’s an overview of what the different materials are and tips for how they can best be used:

Semi-Gloss Paper

Semi Gloss Paper Label from yourlabelsnow

As the cost-effective material we offer, semi-gloss paper can be the least expensive way to label your products or to use for marketing projects. Designed for indoor use, it’s not meant to withstand water, refrigeration, or pressure.

Uses: Basic products without any environment- or use-specific needs.

Tip: Doesn’t produce any glare or reflection.

Removable Semi-Gloss Paper

Removable Semi Gloss Label from yourlabelsnow

Essentially the same as semi-gloss paper, but with a removable adhesive that’s useful in instances where the label will be removed from the product or when the label will need to be repositioned.

Uses: Products without environment-specific needs, but which will need the label to be moved.

Tip: Colors will pop on this material.

White BOPP

White Bopp Labels from yourlabelsnow

Made of polypropylene, BOPP is similar to a plastic material and has a durable feel and design. With an opaque, white background, this option is resistant to harsher conditions such as water or refrigeration and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Uses: Wide range of products, particularly health and beauty products.

Tip: Graphics look particularly sharp on this label.

Clear BOPP

Yourlabelsnow Clear Bopp Label

Similar to white BOPP, but has a clear background instead of opaque white. Suitable for a wide range of indoor or outdoor uses and resistant to moisture. Since the background is clear, graphics look like they’re printed directly on the product itself.

Uses: Wide range of products, particularly food and beverage items.

Tip: Looks great with glass packaging.

Silver Foil

YourLabelsNow Silver Foil Label image

A silver paper that’s specifically for indoor uses and has a metallic look, silver foil can take on other colors to achieve a wide range of bright metallics, including gold. Silver foil is also available in a brushed texture for a more rustic look.

Uses: Products that will stay indoors and that need to stand out.

Tip: Works well for candy packaging and holiday stickers.

Estate #8

Estate 8 Label material soy delicious estate 8 label

A rough textured paper, this substrate has a more classic look. With a coating that prevents ink from rubbing off and an optional matte UV varnish, this material is great for marketing higher-end products.

Uses: Indoor products, particularly food and beverage items.

Tip: Popular for wine manufacturers.

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