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Choosing the Right Label Adhesive


When creating custom product labels, there are a number of design considerations that need to be taken into account, but it’s also important to determine how your labels will be affixed to your products. Don’t forget to consider which type of label adhesive you will use with your custom labels. Here are some questions you should answer when choosing an adhesive:


How Will the Product Be Used?

Will your products be exposed to moisture? Do they need to be refrigerated? Will they be used outdoors, exposing their labels to sunlight and/or temperature changes? These are questions that you will need to ask when choosing the material for your custom product labels, but they should also be taken into account when choosing an adhesive. Determining the environmental factors which affect your product labels will ensure that you choose the adhesive which will allow your labels to remain attached to your products.


What Will the Label Be Attached To?

In addition to environmental factors, you’ll need to consider the substrate, the material the label will be affixed to when choosing a label adhesive. Will the label be attached to plastic, glass, metal, or a different type of surface? Different adhesives stick to different substrates in different manners, so you’ll want to be sure you know what material you will be attaching your labels to in order to choose the right adhesive.


Does the Label Need to Be Removable?

Depending on how your custom product labels will be used, you can choose between permanent, removable, or repositionable adhesives. Permanent adhesives are the most common type of adhesive, creating a strong bond with the product’s surface and making the label difficult to remove without damaging it or the substrate. Removable adhesives allow for labels to be temporarily affixed to a surface and removed if necessary. Repositionable adhesives allow labels to be removed and reapplied, and depending on the type of adhesive, the bond may become permanent after a certain amount of time. Determining how you plan to use your labels and whether they need to be removable will help you decide which type of adhesive to use.

Do you need more information about your options for label adhesives? When you place a custom label order with us, we will help you answer the questions above and determine the adhesive which will meet your needs in the best, most cost-effective manner. Do you have any questions for us about label adhesives or anything else related to custom product labels? Please contact us, or feel free to request a quote. We look forward to working with you to create the ideal custom labels for your products!


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