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The Clear Answer: Give Your Label an Invisible Look


Choosing the perfect label design for a product can be a huge challenge. Some businesses like to keep things simple and clean by opting for a clear or translucent (frosted) label. The results of using the clear product label design are the “no label” look or a “floating” design. Although the clear product label could be applied to almost any surface, some products truly pull off the “no label” style with elegance. Notably, the personal hygiene and beverage industries are trending this style.


Tips for designing the ideal invisible look.

  1. Keep it simple. Invisible looks should start with a solid foundation in typography and layout that focuses on showcasing the product inside the container. Try a label with a simple color palette that compliments the color of the product inside. For example, if your strawberry jam is bright red, try using bright whites and muted pinks to compliment the natural color of the jam.
  2. Defy gravity. If your product has a specific flavor or scent profile, try floating that item. For example, try floating orange peels around the basic design of a candle label to highlight the scent.
  3. Keep texture in mind. Clear product labels don’t always need to be crystal clear. Try using a translucent label with a frosted look for products that are served cold. For example, water that comes from glaciers could use an icey label to make the product feel like it came from a block of ancient ice.


Inspire your product’s new look.

Invisible labels give a clean and minimalistic look that showcases the vibrancy of the product inside. Check out some of the incredible examples of this trend.

Kellett skin care product label:

Soothe - Clear Product Labels

Serenity face wash label:

Face Wash - Clear Product Labels

Vo Tree massage oil label:

Massage Oil - Clear Product Labels

Indie Lee shampoo label:

Shampoo - Clear Product Labels

Grey Goose Vodka bottle label:

Vodka - Clear Product Labels

Waitrose honey jar labels:

Honey - Clear Product Labels

Touchstone Essentials vitamin bottle labels:

Supplements - Clear Product Labels

Scoville Farms salsa label:

Salsa - Clear Product Labels


Scotts Brewing Co. beer bottle label:

Craft Beer - Clear Product Labels

Petra Mora liquor bottle labels:

Spirits - Clear Product Labels

Voss water bottle labels:

Water - Clear Product Labels

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