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How to Invest in Custom Labels for Your Small Business

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If you are looking to increase sales for your small business, consider investing in custom product labels. While there are many ways to attract consumers to your products, one of the best ways is to define your brand with a unique label design. According to MarketProfs, one-third of consumers base their purchases on product labels and design. Let’s go over a couple ways in which your small business can benefit from investing in custom labels.

Label Shape

Depending on the product you are selling, you may need a special shape to make your label fit just right. Die cut stickers can be a great way to get that perfect fit for your label and also make it stand out. Take a look at this example from Heinz. When you think of ketchup, you think of Heinz. A lot of their success came from the branding based around their label design. The shape of the design is unique to their brand and memorable for customers.

Heinz Custom Condiment Labels

Label Branding

While the shape of your label is very important, what’s actually on the label is just as important. As we mentioned before, creating a brand with your labels is a critical part in attracting customers to your business. This is because consumers tend to lean towards products they recognize. With a custom label design, you can create the brand image your business needs to increase your audience. These examples from Brixton Brewery show how their label design fits their branding. Each design has the signature “B” in the middle of the label design with a variation of bright colors and patterns to attract the eye of customers.

Brixton Brewery Custom Beer Bottle Labels

Label Material

Another great way to make your product stand out is choosing a specific material for your labels. Different products may benefit from different label materials. For instance, if you are designing a label for a beverage bottle that may be in contact with water, then clear labels or white BOPP labels might be the best option for you because it is water-resistant. If you are working on a tight budget, then choosing semi-gloss paper would be a great option for your labels. While it may be cost-efficient, you won’t lose any quality. This label material is commonly used for items such as wine bottles or anything else that would not be held in extreme temperatures.

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