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Custom Labels: Why BOPP is a Very Popular Label Material

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For businesses who distribute or manufacture goods in the household cleaners, bath and body, or beverage space, Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP), or BOPP labels are a go-to material for branding and communicating important information to consumers.

Terms to know

Understanding the basics of BOPP labeling isn’t complicated and can make a big difference in which route a business decides to go in label selection. The term 'biaxially-oriented' refers to a process in which the base material is stretched across two directions. This production step improves the the material’s overall strength and clarity. The other part of the acronym refers to to ‘Polypropylene,’ a durable and widely-used polymer used across various industries.

And given that BOPP labels are resistant to solvents and moisture, they’re often a great choice for labeling household related products. Rather than degrading or discoloring in the presence of food or beverages with low pH/high acid content (e.g. orange juice, tomatoes, coffee, some condiments, etc.), BOPP labels maintain their integrity better than other types of label materials.

BOPP label features at a glance

  • Strong yet thin
  • Printing simplicity and excellence
  • Pliable yet durable, helping them stay in place on containers
  • Low toxicity inviting their use in food and beverage applications
  • Easy to recycle (No. 5 plastic)
  • Resistant to water and oil
  • Pressure and friction durable

BOPP color options:

  • White
  • Metallic look in gold and silver
  • Clear, allowing for a variety of branding options

BOPP label colors

White is a common choice for BOPP labels and can be paired with both permanent and removable adhesives. The health & beauty sector as well as personal care and cosmetic companies typically prefer the white variation of BOPP for their custom labels, and it’s a popular selection for labeling food items as well.

Silver offers a metallic sheen that makes product packaging attractive. Silver BOPP also benefits from the durability and moisture resistant properties of BOPP.

Gold means luxury. That’s what a gold BOPP label communicates to your customers: quality and an air of sophistication. That’s the beauty of a gold BOPP label. You get brand-building visual impact with the benefit of a rugged label.

Clear BOPP labels are ideal for applications where you want your logo or product information to stand out against the packaging. It’s important to note that this type of BOPP label will require the use of a clear poly liner for adhesive smoothing.

Note: If you’re producing a product in a tube or squeezable bottle that will see a lot of handling by the customer, you’ll need to employ labeling that can stand up to those demands. While they can stand up to a lot of use, BOPP labels will distort and degrade in these situations. But there is an alternative: YourLabelsNow recommends using polyolefin and polyethylene film, a type of coating that can be applied to your custom label.

More questions about BOPP?

Whether you know right now that BOPP is the ideal material for labeling needs or you still have questions, YourLabelsNow is available to help. Contact us today or get an instant quote.

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