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Customer Support: Label Printing Made Easy

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We Want to Help Your Business

As a company, YourLabelsNow is dedicated to providing businesses with resources on custom label printing. We are very passionate about labels and have many blogs featured to help guide small business owners get the information they need to know about label printing and all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a new label.

While reading our blog, we hope to provide our readers with a better understanding of what it takes to make a label, set up the order, and have it professionally printed with ease. Some of our blogs include information about clear labels, shaped labels and other things to consider when making a label.

With all of our blogs we pull the best information from industry leaders to allow you to get the most information at the convenience of our blog. Although few label printing experiences go off without any problems, we have extensive customer support and online tools to streamline the printing process in ways that make our clients return for reorders. Our customers are often business owners who have started from printing a couple hundred labels for their small business to needing tens of thousands of product labels.


It’s Easier When You Have Help

Take the experience of one our clients, Joyce Biese of Happy Bodies. Joyce started Happy Bodies with a mission to provide people with products that safely support and enhance the body’s natural detoxification processes. Happy Bodies produces a variety of dietary supplements, including their signature product, the Detox Cocktail. When the company was looking to create new custom labels for their line of products, they had issues finding the company that could support their growing business while also having the customer support needed to help them through the seemingly complicated printing process. That’s when they came to YourLabelsNow for graphic design assistance and personal, one-on-one support.


“We had designed the labels ourselves, but YourLabelsNow helped us tweak them to ensure all the information included was readable and well organized,” said Joyce. “The quality of the resulting labels was so good that we’ve continued to use YourLabelsNow for all of our product labels ever since then.”


Happy Bodies Detox Cocktail dietary supplement container label


Like Joyce, many other companies have attempted to print labels on their own and after using the resources of YourLabelsNow, they have been able to have a better experience with printing custom labels. If you would like to read more about Joyce and the Happy Bodies story see our blog, or if you would like to read more about our clients experiences with labels read our blog series “Label Stories”


If you’re wanting to get started with a custom label order, visit our instant quote page.


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