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Designing Custom Labels That Match Your Brand

How well do your products’ labels fit your company’s brand identity? Do your products stand out on the shelf and communicate their value to your customers at a glance? If you’re looking to revamp your label design to better fit your brand, here are some things to keep in mind:

Choose the Right Colors

Color is a great way to communicate what your brand represents. Different colors have different psychological meanings, and companies can make use of the emotions evoked by colors to communicate what their brand represents:

Image Credit: The Logo Company

You should also consider the customers your products are intended for. Studies show that while both men and women like the color blue, women are much more likely to like purple than men, and both genders tend to dislike orange and brown. Men are also more likely to prefer bright colors, while women like soft colors. Taking these tendencies into consideration can help you make sure your custom product labels are appealing to your ideal customer.

In addition to choosing colors that communicate your values and attract your ideal customer, you’ll want to make sure the colors you choose are pleasing to the eye. Following the principles of color theory, you should design your labels to use harmony in your colors. One of the best tools for determining which colors to use is the color wheel:

Image Credit: The Logo Company

Color schemes using analogous colors consist of colors which are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. These color schemes create a pleasant feeling, but it’s important to make sure there is enough contrast to make the label’s message visible.

On the other hand, color schemes using complementary colors consist of colors which are opposite to each other on the color wheel. This type of color scheme is a great way to create eye-catching contrast. Making the background color of your label complementary to the dominant color in your logo is a great way to make the label “pop” and stand out on the shelf.

Choose the Right Font

Image Credit: The Logo Company

You’ll want to be sure the font you use for the text on your labels matches your brand’s personality. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman convey a formality, and script fonts like Allura replicate the style of calligraphy, providing an elegant feeling. These types of fonts are best to use for the name of the product, while sans serif fonts like Helvetica are better for descriptive copy.

Online font repositories like DaFont and Font Squirrel offer hundreds of free fonts, and they are a great resource for finding the font that works best for you.

Note: Even though it is a popular font that many people like, it is probably best to avoid using Comic Sans on your labels, due to its negative perception among graphic designers.

Creating a Great Design

Design is more than just a logo and some text. Ideally, every element of your custom labels should communicate the value of your products and help people understand their benefits. If you need help pulling these elements together to create the best possible labels for your products, our in-house graphic design team can work with you to find the best solution, whether you already have a logo and text ready or are starting from scratch.

Do you have any questions for us about the available options for your custom labels? Please contact us for more information, or get a quote for your label project. We look forward to helping you create the labels that will bring your brand to life!

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