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Need Ideas for Using Custom Stickers in Your Business?

Need Ideas for Using Custom Stickers in Your Business Featured Image


“I need some custom stickers for my products, but I’m just out of ideas…”

Sound familiar?

Coming up with creative ideas for custom stickers might seem a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are plenty of ways to make a visual impact with custom stickers, and with a variety of available cuts and shapes, colors, and materials, it’s easier than ever to design and print professional custom stickers that your business will be proud of.

Let’s look at a few ideas to help your products stand out with custom stickers.


Shapes Make an Impact


A great way to get creative with your custom stickers is by changing their shapes. This lets you add some creativity to product packaging and labeling that might just catch the consumer’s eye. For example, if you’re selling orange juice, it could make more sense to design a circle sticker to look like an orange slice instead of using a square sticker.

If you find yourself needing a more specific shape for your sticker design, then a custom die cut may be the best option for you. Die cuts are made to match the exact shape you need (e.g. the Heinz  ketchup bottle label) and are perfect for a variety of uses.

While these are just a couple of examples of what you could do, there are many ways you can incorporate shapes into your sticker designs.


Color Considerations


Using the right combination of colors can help set your custom stickers apart from the competition. Are you the blue company? The red one? Your labels should make it clear to the consumer which brand is providing the product. Also, by selecting contrasting colors, such as white text on a navy background or black text on a white background, your text becomes more easily readable.

Take a look at the bottle label below. The plain white background makes the black text really stand out. The result? It’s easier to identify the product and buy it.

Need Ideas for Using Custom Stickers in Your Business Bottle Image




Another important aspect to consider for your custom stickers is logo usage. If your business has a logo, it would be smart to incorporate it into your product stickers. Looking at the juice bottles below, you can see that the business’ logo is included at the top of the design. Below that, there’s a title for the specific product with a description beneath the title.

Whether you’re focused on selling one product, or you deal in multiple SKUs, logo placement is a key aspect to consider in your design. Logo usage not only provides a simple way to increase brand impressions, but can also add descriptive elements about the specific products behind the stickers.

Need Ideas for Using Custom Stickers in Your Business Juice Bottle Images


Endless Ideas Meet Easy Ordering


Now that you have some fresh ideas for your custom stickers, it’s time to find a partner that can move them from the idea phase into reality. Your Labels Now brings experience and expertise to the custom sticker ordering process, and we’re here to help you get creative (and figure out the details).


Whether your business needs 1,000 labels or 20,000, we have you covered. Order your labels today.

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