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Rectangles, Squares, or Circle Labels? Label Shapes That Fit Perfectly

Custom label shapes

Choosing the right shape for your product label can be one of the most important steps of the design process. You want to make sure your the shape you decide on fits your product and goes with the rest of your design. Here are a few label shapes that might be the perfect fit for your product:

Custom Circle Labels

A circle label can be a great fit for many different products. These can be great for cosmetic products or anything that comes in a circular container. Let’s look at this example from Triumph & Disaster™. They took advantage of the product’s cylindrical shape by perfectly fitting small circle labels on the can. Then they used a long rectangular label to wrap the remaining text around the edge of the can. This modern take on a classic design idea can really catch the eye of the consumer.

triumph circle label design

Rectangle & Square Labels

Whether your product lives in a bottle or a bag, rectangular and square labels can easily make your custom label design pop. Many basic printing companies can accommodate round labels or rounded edges, but labels with sharp, angular edges involve extra charges. The trick is to find a custom label printing company that specializes in product labels exclusively. These companies have the most options and don’t charge for special shapes. One major advantage of square and rectangular angles is that they can seamlessly fit onto many different products. This chocolate bar from Mast Brothers Chocolate is a great example of just that. The rectangular shape of the chocolate bar is complemented by the square label on thecolorfully patterned background.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Custom Label

Unique Die Cuts

Sometimes the standard square or circle label is not the best option for your design. In this situation, it might be smart to choose a custom die cut label. Special labels can be cut into almost any shape or size for your product if the label printing company offers custom die options. For example, this organic shampoo label from Avalon Organics shows a creative way to use custom shaped labels. As you can see, their label features a mostly rectangular shape that wraps around the bottle, but the main design area creates more label real estate by adding rounded arcs at the top and bottom of the label. There is even a bonus area at the top for highlighted content.

Avalon Organics Shampoo Bottle Label

Custom Size Labels

Whether you choose square labels, circle labels, heart shaped labels, big or small labels, or create your own custom label, make sure you choose the right size label for your project. Take into consideration the size of your product and the label design itself. Leave yourself enough room to be creative and show off your product at the same time but remember to consider font size and graphic elements. Above all else, take time to research and choose the custom label printing company that can best suit your label needs.

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