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Label Stories: Solving Labeling Problems With De Alba Bakery


At, we work with a wide variety of companies to help them create the ideal custom labels for their products. We love being able to help these clients solve their problems and grow their business, and we’re excited to be able to share some of their stories with you. In this installment of our series of Label Stories, we spoke to Luis Ochoa of De Alba Bakery in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley about label sticker rolls.


Their Story

De Alba Bakery is a multi-generational family business built on traditional baking techniques that have grown into a thriving operation with multiple locations. As they grew, they found that they needed to upgrade their product labels. “For years, we used sheet labels for our products, but we had trouble keeping them organized,” said Luis. “We kept the different sheets of labels in a binder, but they were always out of order. Also, sheet labels can be difficult to peel, so they would often get damaged when we applied them to products, and we found that they didn’t hold up very well to hot or cold temperatures. We decided that it was time to make the investment in professionally printed roll labels that we could keep organized and which would provide a higher end look to our products.”


De Alba Bakery Cookies


Building Their Labels

De Alba initially found through our website. “We usually get multiple quotes from vendors before making a purchasing decision,” Luis said. “We ended up sourcing at least nine different vendors for labels, and when we found, we asked for some samples, and we were impressed with the quality of the work. The website made it easy for us to get an estimated cost for our label order, and after we sent in the artwork, YLN helped us make sure everything was printed at the right dimensions, and the barcodes were correct. The final labels looked fantastic!”


The Custom Label Effect

Luis was especially appreciative of the personal touch that brought to the process of creating labels. “Devin and Lisa worked extremely hard and fast to get our label order to us,” he said. “They kept in constant communication with us to make sure that the project was a success. In the past, we’ve worked with vendors that we have to keep calling to make sure the project is moving along as expected. With YLN, it was the other way around; they were the ones calling us all the time, giving us updates, and making sure we were happy with our proofs. Working with them was fantastic!”


De Alba Bakery Roll Labels


If you’re looking to create your own custom product labels, we’ll be happy to bring this same level of care to your project and help you solve your own labeling problems. You can get started by ordering a free sample today. We look forward to helping you create great labels for your products!

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