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Navigating the Marketplace: Are Your Products Ready to Sell on Amazon?


Did you know that over 95 million people visit each month in the United States alone? As we discussed in our recent Label Story about our client The Plant Guru, Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace, and companies who are looking to expand their business can use it to reach more customers than ever before.

At Your Labels Now, we work with a wide variety of companies, both large and small, and many of our partners are using the opportunities that come with selling products online to reach customers all over the world. There are many benefits to selling on Amazon, but the process of doing so might not always be easy to understand.

So, as part of our series of blogs about entrepreneurship, we wanted to look at how to get started selling products on Amazon, and we hope that understanding this process will help our partners achieve success.


Gathering Information

Every product needs a custom barcode! In order to sell on Amazon, you will need to obtain an EAN/UPC barcode for each product you plan to sell. You will also need to create a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number, which is usually used to track inventory in an internal system. For more information about creating SKUs and how these numbers can add value to your inventory tracking, this article has some great tips.

And don’t forget about the details that will make people want to purchase your products. You’ll want to write a concise description of your product that describes what it is and why people will want to buy it. You’ll also need to gather any relevant details that people will need to know, such as size, dimensions, weight, and what is or is not included.

Finally, make sure you have some professional product images that display the product on a white background. Including an appealing picture of your products, or even multiple pictures that show what they look like from different angles or offer examples of how to use them can often make the difference in helping people decide to make a purchase.


Creating an Amazon Seller Account

Now you’re ready to sign up and begin selling. To get started, you can create an Amazon Seller account. You’ll need to provide your company’s name, address, and contact information, a credit card number, a phone number where you can be contacted, and your tax identity information. If you sell as an individual, Amazon charges 99 cents per sale, so if you expect to sell more than 40 items per month, you should sign up as a Professional Seller, which costs $39.99 per month.

After creating your account, you can choose your product category (some categories are only available to Professional Sellers, and selling in some categories requires approval from Amazon; see this page for details), set up a storefront that includes your company’s logo and a description of who you are and what you do, and begin listing products for sale.

And don’t forget about shipping! When selling on Amazon, you can choose to ship products yourself, or you can use Amazon Fulfillment, in which you send a bulk amount of your product to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and they pack and ship the products for you when a customer makes a purchase. This makes the process much easier for you, Amazon will even handle things like returns and customer service.


What’s Next?

Setting up your Amazon Seller account is only the first step into a larger world, but while it lets you take advantage of Amazon’s huge marketplace, the size of this market presents its own challenges. With over 75,000 new products added to Amazon every day, how can you stand out in the crowd?

When you’re first starting out, you may want to advertise using Sponsored Products, which will allow you to choose keywords related to your products and display ads alongside the search results when users search for those keywords. You’ll only pay when your ad is clicked, so this is a good way to help people discover your new products.

The real power of Amazon comes when you’re able to leverage word of mouth. Once you begin selling your products, you’ll want to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews. These reviews are often the deciding factor in whether people choose to purchase a product on Amazon, so ensuring that your products meet your customers’ needs will help you spread the word about the value that you can provide, and it’s what will ultimately bring you success when selling on Amazon.

As one of the primary places that people all over the world make online purchases, Amazon is a market that business owners can’t afford to ignore. If you’re looking to get started on Amazon, one way to make sure your products stand out is to create an appealing, eye-catching product label. If you need help creating labels for your products or are looking to redesign your labels to incorporate UPC codes, you can get started by ordering a free sample. We look forward to working with you to create the custom product labels that meet your needs and helping you find success with your products!

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