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These Non-Traditional Candle Labels Are the Most Effective

When it comes to making candles, there’s more than just choosing the right scent. Creating the right custom label design can set your candle apart from the competition. There are many ways to make your candle labels unique by including the use of different shapes, colors, or materials. Many industry leaders, such as Meyers, take a non-traditional approach to their labeling technique by using a thin wrapped logo. This allows most of the glass jar to be visible, but it still pulls your eye towards the label. Let’s look at couple more non-traditional candle labels that could inspire your next label design.

Playing With Label Shapes

One of the best ways to spice up your candle label design is using different styled shapes. Going with a unique shape over a standard square or circle label could set your candle apart from the rest. This is a perfect example from Wax and Wick. The rectangular frame acts as a base for the text detail while the added diamond shape pulls in the brand name. This added layer enhances the details of a very simple style.

Keeping Colors Coordinated

There can be a ton of room for creativity when creating candle labels by using the natural color of the product. Many candles tend to differentiate in color and are usually colored based on the scent they provide. If your candle is housed in a clear jar or container, use the color of the candle to your advantage by using clear labels. Yankee Candle has a similar strategy with their candles. They keep their labels mostly clear because they want the consumer to see what’s inside.

Using A Different Label Size

Another great way to create eye-catching designs for your product labels is using different sized labels. Let’s look at the Yankee Candle again as an example. They used a small label in order to show off the natural color of the candle inside the jar. This can be a smart design strategy if you want to show off the candle’s color or if you are using a clear container. Using a smaller label may also be a great way to achieve a minimalistic feel to your design, which has been a recent trend with product labels.

Remember that candle labels have specific rules and regulations with labeling. If it’s your first time printing candle labels, consult this simple guide to the regulations on candle labeling.


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