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Digital Printing


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What Should You Expect From Digital Printing?


At YourLabelsNow, we exclusively use digital printing methods to produce high-quality labels at competitive prices with quick turnarounds.

Digital printing delivers the scale you need and the quality you expect. It’s a method similar to conventional offset printing, just bigger and better. Instead of using expensive plates like a flexographic printer, digital printing uses tiny dots of ink to apply your design to the label material.



The Digital Difference


Flexographic offset press printing tends to cost much more for shorter runs because the initial setup of plates is expensive. This process requires the printer to make the printing plates for your design, then use those plates to press or roll your design onto the material. The process is only cost-effective for very large quantities of labels, making it unrealistic for small to medium-sized business to afford them.


2 Simple Reasons You Should Use Digital Printing Your Labels Now Image


Crisp, Clean, and Colorful with High Resolution


Digital printing offers high-resolution label and sticker options with a variety of gradients and opacities to provide the best look for your product. While other printing methods can lack crisp lines and vibrant colors, digital label printing provides flawless ink-to-ink trapping, meaning the edges in your design are crisp and free from blots, and the colors are more consistent from order to order.

With the conventional plate method, labels can sometimes show “dot gain,” a common problem where portions of printed materials look darker than they should. This can make the finished product label look messy and unprofessional.

But digital printing solves this problem, showcasing your products in their best light. Digital printing on labels and stickers has excellent registration, meaning each color is perfectly blended to create the clearest, most accurate picture on your label.


Mixing it Up Without Spending a Fortune


Looking for more label variations in a single printing run— without breaking the bank? Variable data printing (VDP) is simple with digital printing technology. Using this method, multiple labels that contain various design elements, inventory tracking codes, and more can be printed within a single print run. More options include labels with consecutive numbering, sequential barcodes, and alternate branding and titles. This method makes it easy to run holiday-themed designs, unique or seasonal promotions, or test different designs for the same product.


Ready to Get Started?


It’s never been easier to create custom product labels. YourLabelsNow offers simple digital printing options to match your budget and timeline, and we’re here to answer your questions along the way.


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