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A Guide to Custom Stickers for Business


With real estate on retail shelves at a premium and an ever-increasing amount of products entering the ecommerce space, businesses are constantly fighting for the attention of distracted consumers. You need a way to showcase the value of your products, cut through the noise, and in the end, drive more sales.

In short, you need your products to make an impact on consumers the moment they see them— and you may just have one second to influence their decision to give your products a try.

Better Visual Product Marketing = Better Results

Product marketing and compelling visuals go hand in hand.

Since we know consumers shop with their senses, product packaging and labeling has to be visually compelling, capturing their attention while communicating valuable information at the same time.

That’s why custom stickers are so important to your business. Rather than the do-it yourself approach, which often means more cost and stress with less quality, custom printed stickers open up a number of options for branding, color choices, and layouts that help put your product in its best light. You may even be surprised to learn that custom stickers are highly affordable and can be tailored to match a variety of needs.

Designing and using custom stickers—  also referred to as custom labels— to market your products is a great way to capture the attention of both new and returning customers. Think of these product stickers as your company’s salesforce— always ready to greet your customers and highlight the reasons why your products can help them.


Your Brand. Your Labels. Your Stickers.

As a business owner, you’ve probably seen a variety of terms pop up in your search results when researching the best ways to utilize custom labels or custom stickers. The list probably included

  • Custom stickers
  • Product labels
  • Specialty labels
  • Custom printed labels
  • Beverage stickers
  • Digitally printed labels

Whether it’s called a sticker or a label, it’s often the same thing. Since all of the terms above refer to something that’s printed and adhered to a surface, you’ll see these words used interchangeably in the product labeling space.

While many people have an answer for which type of surface to which you intend to adhere your custom sticker or product label, other considerations may not be getting as much thought:

  • Will my custom sticker or product label be machine-applied or hand-applied?
  • Will my label design require a unique die cut?
  • How will my labels be stored, on a sheet or on a roll?
  • What is the industry standard for type of material my label or sticker should be made of?

The answers to these questions are just as important as when your sticking your label and opting to work with a printing company with vast experience in printing custom stickers can offer guidance and expertise.

No matter where you are in the process of designing and ordering custom stickers, there is some basic information you’ll need to know to make the process simple and hassle-free.

Let’s get started by walking through how custom stickers can make your products stand out.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Getting Started with Custom Stickers
  • Product and Container Considerations: What are You Labeling?
  • Getting Creative with Custom Stickers
  • How to Get Custom Stickers for Your Business: From Design to Delivery

Feel free to jump ahead at any time or scroll down to get started.


Getting Started with Custom Stickers

Is product labeling really that important to increasing brand recognition and driving sales? The answer is YES!

You may already be convinced of the value that custom stickers can bring to marketing your products, and you’re deep into the evaluation process of selecting a qualified supplier. After all, small and medium-sized businesses alike enter the product identification and marketing process at different stages and with various understandings of what it takes to successfully label a product.

But regardless of the size of your business, using quality custom stickers on your products can make a world of difference.

Whether you’re new to the process or you’ve been through some of the paces already, the following serves as a good point of reference for keeping you grounded throughout the sticker design, printing, and ordering process.

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Identify your goals

Obviously a primary goal for every business is to sell more products. That goes without saying.

But how do you get there? What leads to increases in product purchases?

While larger, existing businesses likely have resources allocated to product branding and marketing, they should still give thought to how designing or updating custom their product stickers can affect and improve their product sales.

However, if you’re just starting out, you may not have fully conceptualized how your product will appear on shelves or in ecommerce stores.

Where should you start? Begin the process by defining your goals.

Here are a few thoughts and questions to help you determine just how custom stickers will make an impact on your business.

  • Dive deep into what you know about your customers’ interests and behaviors. Clearly define how your custom stickers and custom labels should address your customers’ needs, questions and purchasing considerations.
  • Customized stickers can certainly help you sell more products, but messaging is pivotal. Define the key takeaways your audience should latch onto and design from there.
  • If you’re thinking of creating custom stickers for food, alcohol, tobacco or e-liquid products, household products, or bath and body products, make sure you understand the regulations around what information is required to be on your product label.
  • Find the best approach to designing your custom sticker or custom product label. Whether you design your stickers and labels yourself, enlist the help of a professional graphic designer or rely on extensive brand guidelines, there’s one pivotal consideration: make sure you clearly communicate you product’s value for the user and set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • Also, should you print your own custom stickers or rely on an outside resource like a professional sticker company? Often when you take on the challenge of printing your stickers and labels yourself, your messaging and design quickly takes a back-seat to unnecessary costs, poor quality, and time-consuming work. When enlisting the help of a company devoted to quality, cost-effective printing, you get to focus on your business and product

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Build a plan

  • What’s your budget? Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Standard product stickers may save you some money in the short run, but lackluster results on the back end will end up costing you. Custom stickers are more affordable than you may think, offering a wide array of customization features and order quantity options. With several product sticker material options available, you might even opt for custom stickers that use an eye-catching visual element like silver foil to add a touch of elegance to your product.
  • Who’s in charge? Are you running product marketing by yourself or can you involve other people at your organization in the design, planning and purchasing process? If your team is small or already overbooked, professional custom sticker companies can provide much-needed guidance and assistance.
  • When do you need them? Keep your schedule in view. If you’re targeting a specific date for a product launch, you’re rebranding, or it’s time to reorder product labels but you want to do something different this time, it’s a good idea to consult custom sticker companies or a reputable sticker store about timelines before you commit to something you can’t achieve.


Product and Container Considerations: What are You Labeling?

Product stickers come in all shapes and sizes, but the products themselves (as well as the conditions the products experience in storage and transit) sometimes constrain the type of custom stickers you can use.

For example, bottled wines require beverage stickers that are not only durable but that can also communicate an air of sophistication. That’s why wine stickers that use an Estate #8 material pair perfectly with this application.

Before you get too attached to a specific design or custom sticker shape, make sure to take the following points into consideration:

Product Container

It’s important to define and document the exact dimensions of your product container. As you move through the sticker printing and ordering process, container dimensions will dictate everything from how large your custom sticker can be to the type of material that should be used to conform to your product..

Use and Storage

Food product labeling requirements can vary drastically. Custom sticker materials like Clear BOPP resist moisture on products that will be refrigerated, but that kind of durability may not be necessary for dry goods. Also, you may think you need waterproof stickers for your product, but in reality water resistant stickers are the best solution.

Determine what kinds of conditions your products will see as they’re transported, stored, and used to make an informed decision about what kind of custom stickers you’ll need.

From sticker materials and coatings to adhesives, many elements come together to create a quality custom product sticker. Just make sure to press for clarity from the beginning so your product labeling adventure turns out to be a success.

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Branding, Logo, and Copy Placement

Should your logo be front and center? Where does the nutrition information on your energy bar go? How big does the copy need to be to ensure your target customer can read it? How much of your sticker real estate needs to be reserved for barcoding or inventory control tracking numbers, etc.?

For some product labels, a few words and a lot of color are sufficient for communicating contents and attracting attention on store shelves, but other products are highly regulated, leaving little room for branding elements. Do your homework in advance to be sure about exactly what needs to go on your custom stickers and where.

Visual Appeal

Remember that your products don’t exist in isolation. They’re always competing for shelf space, whether it’s physical shelving or positioning in an online store.

With that in mind…

  • Make sure your product container works to enhance what you’re selling, not distract from it.
  • Determine how you can you make your product stand out against the competition and resonate with your target customers.
  • Identify the ideal place on your product container to attach your custom stickers to best represent the package’s contents, value, and your branding.

It can even be helpful to purchase products produced by your competitors for placement in mock shelving units at your facility. Place your product at various heights and in different contexts among the competitors’ for a “hands-on” feel for how your product stacks up.

Getting Specific

Whether you need custom lip balm labels, soap labels, or candle labels, the ability to customize sticker applications to meet the needs of any number of product container specifications and environmental conditions is incredible.

But to get a better feel for exactly what your custom product stickers will look like, it’s best to order sticker samples. Depending on the sticker company, you may be charged a nominal fee to get some samples, or they may be provided free of charge. Regardless, it’s always wise to see a physical example of a specific material type to understand how the custom sticker will look, feel, and perform in real life.

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Getting Started with Custom Stickers

Custom designed stickers open up a world of possibilities for product label enhancements. But getting from idea to execution can be tricky.

For some businesses, using custom die cuts make sense. But should you use an oddly shaped label or will basic round stickers do just fine? Is there a way to design and apply custom stickers to make it look like there aren’t even labels on your products?

Defining the Terms

What is a custom die-cut product sticker? Some products need an extra bit of visual punch. By using a metal die, custom stickers can be cut to match a variety of shapes in small and massive quantities. Stars, squares, ovals, geometric shapes, text outlines— nearly any shape you can imagine.

The options are almost endless, inspiring lots of creativity and opportunities to move more products and build your brand at the same time.

In this section we’ll explore some brand considerations to take into account as you create custom stickers, and we’ll look at a few types of stickers to help you move forward in the decision making process.

Brand Alignment

Well-established brands often have clear guidelines in place for how their logo, colors, and fonts  should appear on products. For startups or small businesses, these guidelines may not exist or they may be ambiguous. It’s worth it early in the process to establish a clear visual identity for your brand that can then be translated to product labeling.

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Color Selection

Digital printing with custom stickers employs a four color process (CMYK) to deliver an almost endless array of color choices, so feel free to play around with your color options (provided they stay within your brand’s guidelines).

Also, keep in mind that your entire custom sticker doesn’t have to be filled with color. Transparent stickers or clear stickers offer you the ability to show product information and branding elements on a clear background, giving the illusion that your copy and logo are printed right on the bottle or package.

Get creative with these 4 Design Tips for Better Product Labels.

Custom Sticker Shapes

Think you can win a customer over with the right custom sticker shape?

Consumers love novelty, and differentiating your products from the competition with custom die cut stickers, round stickers when competitors commonly use squares, and different combinations of color and copy can all come together to invite attention and influence a purchasing decision.

You can even combine product sticker material types with different coatings (like gloss and matte) and cuts to create a truly unique look for your product.


How to Get Custom Stickers for Your Business: From Ordering to Delivery

So far we’ve talked about why custom stickers are important to product labeling and why you should use custom stickers in your business. We also identified some product labeling considerations and explored some creative ways small and medium sized businesses can customize their product stickers to stay on brand and maximize visibility in a crowded marketplace.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the ordering process so you can take your design to a professional custom sticker company and get your stickers printed as quickly as possible.

The good news is that making stickers doesn’t have to be a headache. Here’s what the process typically looks like when you’re ready to order stickers:

1. Design

Ideas go from whiteboards and conversations to digital assets in this phase of custom sticker production. You’ll finalize product labeling requirements, decide on colors and layouts, settle on logo placement, add copy and any other visual elements that need to be in place to make your custom stickers a success.

Make sure to take the following into account as you finalize your design:

  • Branding (Colors, logos, copy standards, fonts, etc.)
  • Shapes (Standard or die cut)
  • Materials (Common custom sticker materials include the following: Semigloss Paper, Removable Semigloss Paper, BOPP, Silver Foil, Estate #8)
  • Coating (Varnishes, laminates, UV protection, and imprintable finishes are some of the options)
  • Product (Labeling requirements, container shape and material, and how the product will be transported, stored, and used)

Working with an in-house designer can help to ensure your custom stickers adhere to any brand guidelines your company has in place. If you need to enlist a marketing agency or contract designer to assist with designing and packaging your digital designs, it’s imperative to clearly communicate your design standards, costs, artwork specifications from the custom sticker company and all associated deadlines.

Note: Check with the custom sticker company about what kinds of files they need to get your stickers into production. They should have a resources page or FAQ area to assist you with the artwork requirements for your order.

2. Samples

Once you’ve settled on a design, sticker material, coating, and shape, getting samples for your custom stickers is a great way to evaluate the look and feel of a finished product without spending the resources to order a short run of stickers.

The sample process should be simple and straightforward, so look for a company that makes it easy to “try before you buy.”

3. Quoting

If you’re the curious type or you like to start the process with costs outlined in advance, you could start gathering quotes during any phase of the process. But it’s certainly beneficial to have nailed down a design, determined the amount of labels you’ll need, and looked through some samples prior to requesting a quote.

Online quote tools make it easy to get an estimate for your order. They typically ask you a few questions and walk you through each step of the quoting process until you arrive at an estimated cost.

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4. Ordering and Printing

You’ve navigated the design phase, ordered and reviewed some sticker samples, selected your sticker material, coating, and adhesive, and you have some quotes in hand.

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to select your custom label printer and order stickers!

Many sticker printing companies offer an online process to make ordering convenient for their customers. To make the ordering process as hassle-free as possible, make sure you have the following ready prior to clicking the “order” button:

  • All design files in the correct format required by your custom sticker company
  • Sticker shape
  • Sticker material and coating
  • Product container specifications
  • Sticker quantity needed
  • Number of versions you’ll need (e.g. If you’re placing a custom beverage sticker order, you may want to use the same custom shape for each label, but you’d like to vary colors and/or copy for two different types of drinks.)
  • The final output will often be stickers on a roll, so consult the individuals who will be responsible for physical labeling to verify roll orientation, direction, or any other pertinent information.

Are custom sticker rolls better than sheets? See how we helped one of our customers use sticker rolls to solve a problem at De Alba Bakery.

At YourLabelsNow, we specialize in product sticker printing for small and medium sized businesses, and we offer a simple online ordering process that makes it easy to get your custom stickers fast. You can place an order at any time, and we have real people available to help you navigate any complexities that may arise along the way.

Note: If you need help placing your order, you should always be able to contact a professional custom sticker supplier via a Contact Us section on their website or by phone or email.

5. Proofing

Once you’ve placed your order, the printing process typically begins with producing a proof. This gives you a chance to see how your custom stickers will look in their final printed form. It’s common to receive a digital version of the proof, but you can request a physical proof as well.

If everything meets your standard, you’ll provide approval to the printing company to move forward with the full print run.

6. Receipt

Once your order is in process and you’ve approved the proof, you could have your custom stickers in hand within a few days.

Whether you’re receiving the order at your facility or routing the shipment to a co-packer or warehouse for label application, take the time to check the order and run a few tests to ensure the custom stickers look great and perform within your required specifications.

Tip: Don’t forget to save all of your design files, order receipts, packing slips, correspondence, contact information, etc. to streamline the reordering process.

Take the Next Step

It’s never been easier to create custom stickers for your products. is your partner in the custom sticker design, quoting, and ordering process, and we work to make it easy for you to get what you want when you need it.

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