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Each label is its own work of art. We’ve got all your shape needs covered. From round to heart-shaped labels or something unique to your design, we’re here to help every step of the way. We are happy to find or create the shape to make your concept come to life. Create a look that perfectly suits your product.

Every label uses a die cut of your shape – whether customized or standard. A “die cut” is achieved by using a metal die tool to cut your label shape into the roll – like your own label cookie cutter. Visit our custom shapes page to learn more about creating your custom shape.


Standard Shapes

Classic square or round shapes work flawlessly for any product. Add a logo or customize it with your company’s info to create the look your product deserves.


Custom Shapes

Unique to your product, our specialty shapes are built specifically for you. Find the design that fits your unconventionally-shaped container or makes your product stand out from the crowd. We have thousands of options to choose from, and we can make a custom die cut for your product needs.

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