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Water-Resistant Labels for Cosmetic Products: Best Adhesives and Materials

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Cosmetic and beauty labels not only need to stand out on the shelf, but they also need to maintain their performance while in use. For cosmetic products used in or near a shower like perfume, lotion, shampoo, and other bath products, always pay attention to your label’s ability to sustain its appearance in high-humidity environments.

Here are a couple tips for customizing a high-moisture product label:

Choose the Right Label Adhesive

Cosmetic labels must adhere to their container, even when subjected to water, plasticizers, alcohol, and other substances that might exist in your product. Its ability to maintain a beautiful appearance when subjected to moisture or squeezing can largely be attributed to the adhesive used.

Generally, for dry environments with no humidity, a standard all-temperature adhesive is recommended. For humid environments, however, you need to choose an adhesive with high solvent resistance, or the ability to maintain stickiness when in contact with water, alcohol, or other solvents. Another factor to consider for cosmetic applications is shear resistance. Adhesives with high shear resistance are less likely to tear or crack when subject to stress, as when squeezing a tube.

You’ll also need to consider your packaging and label materials when choosing an adhesive. For example, soft-touch containers — a type of bottle or tube that is velvety to the touch — require very aggressive permanent adhesives to attain full adhesion. And with clear film labels, you need to use ultra-clear permanent adhesives.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a cosmetic label adhesive. Your label manufacturer should be able to help you choose an adhesive that will work for your particular product and application.

Your Label Material

Paper face stock is usually not the best choice for shampoo, lotion, or other beauty products because leakage, humidity, and water could damage your label. This can cause unattractive distortions of the artwork, wrinkles in the label, and cause unwanted peeling. Picking the best material for your cosmetics can be tricky if you haven’t researched what each material can provide.

Clear BOPP (clear polypropylene) labels are great for cosmetic labels where moisture is of concern. Not only does it provide the popular “no-label” look, but the ultra-clear permanent adhesive it requires can endure damp environments without losing its appearance.

White BOPP (white polypropylene) labels are comparable to the Clear BOPP labels in their water-resistant properties. Instead of a clear-label look, these labels start as an opaque white color prior to printing. These tough labels will retain color and design quality even when subjected to harsh and moist conditions.

Both of these water-resistant options are made from a plastic-based material instead of an absorbent paper material in order to provide maximum label adhesion and prevent annoying peeling and design warping. Your label printing company can point you toward the most cost-effective adhesive and material options for your application and budget.

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